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What is the future of TV viewing?

It has been seen that new technology takes time to establish itself as it has to overcome the challenges faced by traditional and legacy systems. Initially people are hesitant to explore a new technology and they wait for the reviews and feedback of others on the technology. But,once people start realizing its potential benefits they prefer to migrate from old technology to new technology. This has happened across industries.

Almost every industry has some sort of presence on the Internet or cyber space. Some of the industries have fully or significantly migrated from brick and mortar business model to online business models. The prime reasons behind migrating from brick and mortar business model to online business model are the wide reach of cyber space or Internet and ease of doing business over the Internet.

Similarly for decades, people have been glued to traditional TV systems. TV as equipment has improved over years and television broadcasting has shifted from analog to digital communication. But, over the years medium of broadcasting has stayed to satellite to dish or cable TV. Cable TV also primarily relies on satellite to dish broadcasting.

The Internet based apps and Internet of Things (IoT) have rapidly grown in the last few years. People have been frequently doing banking transactions and other secured transactions over the Internet. It has helped in building people’s trust over Internet and Internet based apps.

Now with the emergence of IPTV, people had initial uncertainty about migrating from traditional TV systems to IPTV system. But, as IPTV is also maturing and IPTV providers are putting best IP serversto serve their patrons. This has helped people in developing trust over IPTV and subsequently they started migrating from traditional TV systems to IPTV.

Therefore, the next phase for TV viewing will be mostly dominated by IPTV providers. People having access to high speed Internet on their devices will definitely prefer to migrate from traditional TV systems to IPTV.

What is the future of IPTV

Many industries today survive on Internet based business model and every industry has some sort of presence and transactions over the Internet. IPTV is gaining popularity among the masses because of the following reasons:

  • IPTV is fast and easily accessible on the Internet.
  • IPTV can easily work on Internet based apps which are easily available for users. Users can easily download IPTV app and connect with their IPTV account.
  • IPTV is cost efficient as it does not need traditional devices to connect to the satellite etc.
  • IPTV consumes very less power for their operations.
  • IPTV is very easy to handle.
  • Unlike traditional TV systems,IPTV does not face much connectivity issues.

It is expected that like many other industries, IPTV being Internet based app or TV will grow faster than traditional TV systems. A major portion of young generation will migrate from traditional TV systems to IPTV. IPTV in itself will see major advancements which will enhance its reach and acceptability among viewers.

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