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The Ultimate Kitchen Renovation Checklist

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen this summer, there’s a lot to take on board; a major refit involves gutting the room and starting over, which begins with a floorplan. To help with through the planning process, we put together a checklist that ensures nothing is overlooked.

  • Risk assessment – If your home was constructed pre-1980s, asbestos might be present; contacting one of the Perth asbestos removal companies you find online and arrange for some asbestos testing. If you get the all-clear, you can go ahead with the rip-out, however, should the results indicate the presence of asbestos, the experts can safely remove the harmful substance.
  • Tools & equipment – You need to sit down and list all the tools and equipment you will need to complete the project. That would include stepladders for working at height, a decent tile-cutter and all the hand tools such a renovation would require; plumbing tools should be on the list for connecting water and waste. If you need to hire power tools, there are online tool hire companies with cheap day rates.
  • Materials – It is advised to have all the materials onsite prior to starting work; major kitchen appliance delivery should be coordinated to ensure there are no delays. Always add a few tiles when ordering wall or floor tiles, which will cover any breakages in the future. You can probably get everything you need from a single building materials supplier and have it delivered for free.
  • Budget – When creating your material list, you can cost the project and if you are self-installing, you will save a fortune on labour. If you are looking to cut corners, don’t compromise on quality, as this can lead to repairs shortly down the road. If necessary, take out a home improvement loan, which you can pay back over a couple of years.
  • Skip – Have a medium size skip delivered ahead of time, which should be enough to accommodate all the waste. If the skip needs to be located on the public roads, you might need permission from the local authorities.
  • Floorplan – You should have a ‘to scale’ drawing that shows the complete layout with the dimensions of all furniture and appliances. Double check that you have enough space to comfortably move around before you start preparing for furniture placement.

Choose a long weekend to carry out the project and once you’ve established asbestos is not present, you can start removing old materials. If you are unsure about installing ceramic tiles, there are ‘how to’ videos on YouTube to help, indeed, you could build a house with zero experience if you follow these videos.

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