Rule Hibernia

Rules to follow to enable you to combat loses

Losing money at poker is painful… but it’s also part of the game. We all know that winning doesn’t always come easy in life, which applies to online poker.

But for those of us who play long enough, we eventually figure out how to avoid losing excessive amounts because that can be a real drag. I’ve been playing poker long enough to know that it’s better to not play in the first place than lose a lot of money, but even if you can learn how to avoid losing what few dollars you have, why not do anything possible to keep from losing too much?

Rule # 1: Play with only money you don’t mind losing

Rule # 2: Limit your losses by quitting early

If you’re smart about it, then not having any large-scale losers in your overall poker career is possible if you follow certain simple rules: Never play with money you can’t afford to lose. That means if you’re going to be playing $5/$10 Limit.

Hold them, then never play unless you have $300 available because that’s the maximum amount of money it would take for a bad run to cost $100 and make that session a loss for you. is a great site for you!

If it costs more than your current bankroll can handle, don’t go there! Another way of saying this — but not as eloquent — is “Don’t gamble with what you can’t pay an electric bill with.”

The next rule will help combat losing too much if/when Rule # 1 isn’t followed: Always quit early. Most people lose money (and poker isn’t the exception to this) because they play too long when they are losing.

Whether you’re playing ring games or tournaments, if you have some sort of gauge as to how bad it can get, then do yourself a favour and quit while you’re only down X dollars … where X is some amount less than Rule # 1 would allow.

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