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Different Tools You Can Use To Help You Quit Smoking

When you are trying to quit smoking, you will want all the help you can get, and one of the best tools you can use to make it easier is using nicotine replacement therapy, also known as NRTs. There are many NRTs that you can consider using to help you quit successfully, and although it will take time to get over your nicotine addiction, it will help you stop smoking and lead a much healthier lifestyle. Below are some of the best NRTs you can consider using that are readily available, affordable, and will help you control your nicotine addiction.


One of the most popular NRTs that millions of people worldwide use to help them quit smoking is vaping. Rather than smoking cigarettes, you can smoke a vape that does not have the thousands of toxic chemicals that cigarettes have. There are many different vaping devices you can use, but you can use two distinct types of vaping devices. The first is an MTL device which stands for mouth-to-lung, and you inhale the vape smoke into your mouth before drawing it back into your lungs. The second type of device is DTL, which stands for direct-to-lung, where you inhale the vape smoke directly into your lungs. When it comes to the e liquid you use, there are plenty of flavour options to help ensure it is a pleasurable experience.

Nicotine Patches

Another highly effective NRT that you can use is nicotine patches, which are readily available from supermarkets, pharmacies and you can also purchase them online. They are available n different strengths of nicotine, and they are also simple to use. The patches will last for around 24 hours, and you can place them on any part of your skin. The patch will leach the nicotine that your skin absorbs and help you control the cravings you get from nicotine withdrawal.

Nicotine Gum

You can also consider using nicotine gum which can be an effective NRT that can help control your cravings and urges to smoke cigarettes. The nicotine gum has limited flavours available, but you can get them in varying nicotine strengths. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke coming, you can take a piece of the nicotine gum and start chewing, and the feeling will soon subside. You can also use nicotine gum with other NRTs when you find yourself struggling to get relief from your cravings which will help you control them.

Oral Nicotine Sprays

There are also oral nicotine sprays that you can use to help control your urge to smoke cigarettes, which are also an effective NRT you can consider using. They are simple to use, and when you feel you want to smoke a cigarette, you take the spray and spray the liquid into the back of your mouth and throat. The mouth has many capillaries that absorb the nicotine quickly, giving you relief and helping to prevent you from smoking. If you prefer, there is also a nasal spray that you can try using, which is just as effective as the oral sprays.

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